The Goal for Carcassonne Scoreboard App is to make it quick and easy to enter the score and keep track of player progress.

When you first load the app there will not be any Players added. Press the add player on the screen, or select add player form the menu.

Once a player is added, you can "Press and Hold" the Player in the list to either "Delete" the player or "Edit Info". 

When all the players have been added the game can start. From the menu screen, select New Game to.  Spin the wheel to see who goes first.

When ever a player scores, tap on the Players name in the list to reveal a pop up of Scoring Opportunities.

Click on one of the available Scoring methods or tap the "+" on the bottom for more options.

Follow the instructions for each Scoring Method, enter the information needed then hit submit.

The score will then be calculated and Accumulated to the Players overall Score.

From the main Scoreboard Players View, you can confirm or view the past log by dragging the Log Handler from the bottom of the screen.

This opens up the "Log View" and Players can look back at their previous winnings!

Enjoy Carcassonne


Thank you for downloading my Carcassonne Scoreboard App.

I hope you find it as useful as I do. If you can, Please consider offering a donation. It will help further improve on the application and create future tools to help in life.

Thanks Again!