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Contextual Energy

Please keep in mind these are just my ideas and thoughts which I am trying to flush out to generate a better understanding of the world.

Let me propose a concept; The concept of Contextual Energy.

What is Contextual Energy? I believe Contextual Energy can be considered "Light" Energy... or the energy in which interacts with everything in the universe. This energy is everywhere, and consciousness is the main element that interacts with this Contextual Energy. What I am proposing is a new way of describing this energy. 

Allow me to explain. 

In physics, we as a community can agree that all matter is energy. In fact that's exactly what Einstein's famous formula describes; E=MC2 describes the insane amount of energy stored in each bit of matter! This is of course what gave rise to the understanding that builds nuclear weapons!

Well the funny thing is that we can't really detect energy! All energy in physics is measures by the RESULT of energy. Or, by the amount of work (like a force or somthing) or potential work this so called "ENERGY" can perform.

You can almost even say that... ENERGY DOESN'T exist! Energy exists in no physical form what so ever, for we can only detect it my the physical interaction of energy itself. Yet we seem to establish that ENERGY is a real thing... Why??

Well because we interact with energy every day! It powers our bodies, our cars, the sun, light, etc etc. The universe is FILLED with energy. And this energy interacts with the PHYSICAL REALM!

So here comes Contextual Energy... An energy that interacts with our CONSCIENCE! 
How does it interact? How can we go about proving this? Well let us look at the following example:

1) Experiment that demonstrates standard form of energy: 

Lets put somthing that generates a force in the middle of a room. It can be say; a portable fan... or a magnet.
Then, we stand at the end of the room, and roll a ball towards the fan or magnet.

Now the idea is that the ball is to INTERACT with the force being generated at the center of the room.

And if we are using a magnet, it would have to be a metal ball of some sort. Or lets say the ball is magnetic. 
Lets say, that in the center of the room we have a POSITIVE charge. And the ball is a magnet ALSO with a positive charge.

What would happen if we roll the ball towards the magnet at the center of the room? Well the magnetic force would push the ball away of course! Right? Like charges repel! In this case, a Positivly charged magnet at the center of the room, and a magnet ball also with a positive charge.

The magnetic force, a force well established in the physics community, pushed the ball away from the center of the room. The magnetic ball is interacting with the magnet at the center of the room.

Well now let me give a similar example to demonstrate Contextual Energy.

2) Experiment that demonstrates Contextual Energy: 

Suppose we are in the this room again. In the center of the room, there is a round red mat, and this round red mat comes with a sign in front of it that reads "DANGER, RED MAT CHARGED WITH 10,000 VOLTS"

Now, in place of a ball, we use something with a level of consciousness that can interact with the contextual energy.
In this demonstration, a perfect example would be a literate human being. A conscious individual armed with the tool of the mind of literacy. 

So now people are walking towards the center of the room, where this round red mat lies, with the danger sign clearly visible. What is there to see?

Well I would imagine a literate human being with at least the ROOT chakra in tact would sanely AVOID the round red mat in fear of FRYING to a crisp. 

From a top down perspective, you would see a "FORCE" pushing people away from this round red mat. 

The combination of the sign and the round red mat, we can say, GENERATES a force that PUSHES objects of consciousness capable of reading the sign. (yes a robot can even interact with this, but it gets complicated if you determine the Contextual Energy inside the robot from who build the robot to begin with.)

This ENERGY can be measured by the amount of WORK performed by the people who walked the extra distance to go around the round red mat.

Allow me to give yet another example of contextual energy, this one touches computer science a tad but it proves as an excellent example.

2b) Example of contextual energy in a video game.


A video game is FILLED with contextual energy which consciousness interacts with!

Allow me to use a classic video game for example: Super Mario Bros.

Now, from a SCIENTIFIC point of view, how do we go about describing how to play Super Mario Bros? 
Super Mario Bros is just a computer program.
Super Mario Bros is just a collection of 1's and 0's.
So is EVERY OTHER GAME. Every computer program we have ever used... is just a collection 1's and 0's.

How do we gather meaning from the same 1's and 0's? Why is one combination of 1's and 0's Super Mario Bros and another combination of 1's and 0's be the Legend of Zelda????

Does the NES console even KNOW the difference between the combination of 1's and 0's that make up Super Mario Bros between the combination of 1's and 0's that make up Legend of Zelda?

Sure... the 1's and 0's in a CERTAIN ORDER, produces instructions for a computer chip that dictates flow of physical electricity that results in a pixel being GREEN or a pixel being RED. 

So how does the 1's and 0's get put in that order to make the pixel either RED or GREEN? Who or what makes that order?! 

Well the computer programmer of course! You see, its a human that arranges the 1's and 0's (via code) into the instructions that makes the pixel either RED or GREEN. 

A conscious being had to determine the instruction to produce what we can perceive as a video game like Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda.

See, it is Contextual Energy that determines that SPECIFIC ORDER of 1's and 0's or computer instructions to result in a full game like Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda.

This contextual energy came from the designer/programmer and placed into the computer. Which then came from contextual energy in the form of influences that allowed the designer/programmer to perceive concepts that allowed them to put together the vision of the product. 


It took meaning to put the 1's and 0's in a MEANINGFUL order to generate a product with MEANING like Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda. 

We don't make video games by randomly generating billions of 1's and 0's. You will be lucky to generate something that doesn't immediately crash within your LIFETIME if you want to try and generate meaningful software by randomizing billions of 1's and 0's.

If we go about IGNORING MEANING, then its obvious that we will become completely oblivious to it. 
Despite the ability to cheat, how many people can look into the entire machine source of Super Mario Bros and be able to explain what the game is like without ever playing it and perceiving it??

This becomes clear to say how the contextual energy, or MEANING behind our thoughts can manifest into the physical realm. We as conscious beings can take this contextual energy, interact with it and transform it via our physical bodies to manifest something in the physical realm. 

Scientifically speaking, we cannot ignore contextual energy for the DRASTIC physical results it places on this universe.

This concept came about defending the statement that God isn't real. To which the response was "by that definition: video games aren't real" and the counter was "video games exist physically as 1's and 0's" and then to which the final response was "thoughts exist physically as brain chemistry".

You see, modern science only has tools that can measure PHYSICAL RESULTS. As stated in the beginning, Energy is only detected and measured by the physical work that it can do or has done.

By that definition MEANING or CONTEXTUAL ENERGY is a real thing. As real as any other energy. And we need to take the next step and challenge the scientific community to incorporate the recognition of this form of energy.

Posted on September 2, 2013 .