Humble Bundle Experience

At Ambibrain Studios, we love and support Humble Bundle!

Incredible games developed by small and large studios all in one monthly package.

Humble Bundled is a great way to fill up your Steam, Uplay or local library fast. Steam is by far our favorite way to keep our games. Get unlock key, make a few clicks and done, game added to steam, complete with your friends, cards and cloud save.

In January, you missed on out Just Cause 3, Wizard of Legend AND Project Cars 2, plus 6 other games! Wow, Just Cause is awesome..

Many times you’ll even get all current DLC. Earth Defense Force 4 had soo many packs! And so much fun!

With subscription, you’ll also save some money if you buy direct from the store. Here you’ll find the latest releases and it’ll unlock in Steam! Buy, Sekiro Right for 10% off if signed up

Above all else, Humble Bundle looks to be doing some good. It’s spreading some really great games that you many not have heard otherwise. Games from really talented teams that put together polished projects and works of art. Your month will not have a bad game in it.. Support these devs and support the charities that Humble Bundle works with. Each month, you’ll be participating to making a difference.

Have you even played Full Metal Furies?! Once you do, you’ll be upset it took you so long!

If you are interested in all that Humble Bundle has to offer you can learn more by clicking any of the links.



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Posted on April 13, 2019 and filed under Games, Partners.